The incidence of inserting petrol in diesel engines is high and occurs across the globe resulting in tremendous costs in vehicle repair. Drivers and petrol attendants are responsible for the contamination of fuel, but this occurrence can be prevented using the appropriate technology. Consumers can save a significant amount of time and money when it comes to the installation of a Smart Cap with Forecourt Technology.

It does not matter whether you make use of a self support service or have such procedures implemented by a suitable petrol attendant, there are many cases of fuel contamination. There are many instances under which it can occur including human error, lack of concentration, and miscommunication. This type of mistake is responsible for costly and extensive damages to the engine and related parts.

When the wrong fuel type is used it will cause major engine damage once the ignition is turned. All valves, plugs, gaskets, and similar parts will be affected once it is thoroughly lubricated with petrol. Most insurance companies will also not cover the expenses associated with contamination and you may face litigation issues due to employee negligence.

The Smart Cap technology offers a simple solution as it consists of a fitted mechanism that is placed into the fuel tank. The apparatus works by only fitting the nozzle of the diesel fuel pump meaning that it will be impossible to insert a petrol pump. Drivers also have the option of using a key to unlock the device making communication between consumers and attendants necessary.

If you have proceeded to fill the tank with the wrong fuel type, the next step is not to turn on the ignition. The Smart Cap is a solid mechanism that cannot be removed by unskrewing the fitted apparatus by hand. It will also indicate problem functioning when it has been tightened too much.

A Smart Cap has been designed to offer bright coloration and diesel written in the orange tab so that it does not go unnoticed. It is considered a unique and affordable development that will benefit those who have experienced incorrect fuel placement or to prevent this from occurring. One should determine the expense associated with such mistakes.

To avoid using petrol in diesel engines it is important to use technology such as the Smart Cap. This suitably designed apparatus will allow for easy insertion of the diesel pump nozzle into the tank without confusion. It will also ensure that the attendant and driver thoroughly communicate to prevent contamination.

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