Review Is It a Scam?

To each his or her own but prior to signing up for Insta Flex on consider reading their terms and conditions prior to joining. I’m not calling a scam, because based on some of the reviews I’ve read from GNC Insta Flex seems legit however as of July 2015 InstaFlex is running a special which actually costs more than the price on GNC.

If you go to the GNC website here:
the NON MEMBER price is $61.99 however if you make the purchase on the price is $69.99 plus $4.99 S&P and any applicable tax. If you’re going to signing up on read the terms and conditions prior to joining. Below is the explanation of the InstaFlex Auto-ship program.

How Does the Trial Offer with Auto-Ship Work? You must pay a shipping and handling fee of $4.99 for us to send you a 14 day trial supply of Instaflex.

We typically ship the product the day after you place your order (except that orders placed Friday-Sunday will be shipped the following Monday).

We allow up to 4 days for you to receive the trial supply. Thus, in order for you to have 14 days to try the product, we consider the end date for your trial period to be 18 days after you place your order, which is 14 days plus 4 days for processing and transit.

If you do not call customer service to cancel within [18] days of ordering your free trial, you will be charged $69.99 plus $4.99 S&P and any applicable tax to the card you used to place your trial order.

You will also be enrolled in our auto-ship program. The number of trials is limited to one per household. See details below. Auto-Ship Program Unless you cancel before the end of your trial period as specified above (within 18 days after placing your order), you will automatically be enrolled in our Auto-Ship program.

We will ship your first 30-day supply of Instaflex at the end of your trial period, and you will be charged $69.99 plus $4.99 S&P and any applicable tax.

Thereafter, you will continue to receive a fresh 30-day supply of Instaflex about every 30 days for as long as you stay a member of our auto-ship program.

The card you provided when you ordered the trial product will be automatically charged $69.99 (plus $4.99 S&P and tax if applicable) when each new product ships. To cancel future shipments in the auto-ship program, you must call 1-800-436-0920 at least 1 day prior to the date that your next monthly delivery ships.

In closing based on my review I’m not calling InstaFlex a scam but I do think people should read the fine print on the website prior to joining.

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