All remote control planes including scale warbirds generally have two very simple things in common. The primary one is that they often are duplicates of real planes which were popular from the past. The secondary one is these various types of planes are controlled with a hand held device that sends the signal controlling any movement to them. The more complex a controller is will determine how complex the flying a hobbyist can do

Most RC airplanes come in various shapes, sizes or difficulty levels. There are complex models that people can spend years building. There are also basic ones that people purchase at hobby shops for a small price and are often ready to use almost immediately . Generally the only items needed to get it going is snapping a few things together and tightening a few small screws. Then just fuel them up and they are ready to fly.

The trainers are generally the most basic planes for most beginners. They generally have top mounted wings to give them added stability in the air. They also come in sizes from 2 foot wingspans all the way up to 10 feet. They often have fewer commands for flying which makes them easier to learn on.

A sport plane is more advanced. They are also used for teaching people to fly. They have more difficult commands and are able to do more complex maneuvers or tricks while flying. These planes are often copied fighting planes the military used like the mustang P52, and come in various sizes and shapes.

The aerobatic and warbird planes are often the reason people get into this hobby. They are the nitro fueled sport flying planes that take years of experience to fly. They have special bodies that are constructed for speed and aerobatics. Go to any show and these are the ones people line up to watch.

The vintage RC airplane is quickly becoming popular as well. They are often powered by tiny four stroke motors and three channel long range radio. This is practically a perfect setup for many casual enthusiasts that are just wanting to spend a some time on the weekend playing around. The differ a good deal with size and are most noted for softly floating in the air.

One of the more unique types of RC airplanes are floaters. These are airplanes that have a pontoon under each wing that allows them to take off or land on different bodies of water. Generally these are smaller built models that have a wingspan under 4 to 5 feet. They are not everyone’s cup of tea, though many people who have mastered them do have a lot of fun playing with them in the water.

When looking at different model planes to buy, take a careful look at your planned budget expenses and consider any long term costs. Scale warbirds can be great to fly but are generally much more expensive flying and maintaining than a basic trainer. Whatever choice you make, try to find an experienced mentor to teach you the ends and outs.

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