Internal Revenue Service email scam

Not exactly sure how this is happening but hackers have found a way to send an email on behalf of a government agency. Do not open the email do not click any link in the email and do not reply to the email. This is how hackers steal people’s information and their hope is that you open the email so that they can place viruses into your computer. If you ever get what seems to be a suspicious email that appears to come from the government especially one that you’re not expecting make sure you call the government agency first before opening the email.

Internal Revenue Service email spam

Typically these sorts of emails go to the spam box in my email but sometimes they seem to find their way to my inbox and if it’s happening to me I’m pretty sure it’s happened to a few others. Bottom line here is don’t trust suspicious emails also try not click any of them and most importantly do not under any circumstance download anything you get from suspicious emails.

How hackers steal your personal information

For those of you that don’t know it’s emails like this that give hackers access to your private information and it’s emails like the Internal Revenue Service email that caused a bunch of worldwide to have their online bank accounts hacked by online predators all these hackers need is a gateway into your computer and they’ll have access to your private information so I highly recommend that people do not click this or any other suspicious email. As unrealistic as it sounds I do think we can conquer this spam problem.

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