Is a Scam?

If you’ve spent or been a part of any financial institution and you run into the website like I did you can clearly see the workings of a hoax or a fraud written all over the investmonth website. The information it has on it’s website is vague or unclear. The payment proof it currently provides is unacceptable to most and the images it has displayed on it’s website can be seen on other trading websites. Furthermore Invest Month is NOT regualted so any money you give to them is NOT secure nor can it be insured against loss in anyway shape or form.

After I did my review of their site I noticed that I couldn’t even find real or legit reviews of them really paying anyone. However what i did notice is their affiliate program so if anyone is being paid by it’s probably their affiliates. seems to be a pyramid/ponzi scheme and what this means is new money pays the old money. Although many will argue that this is how the world works what differentiates ponzi scheme from what present day calls a legitimate investment is with a legitimate invest there is an actual product that is being sold to consumers and also the business itself is legally regulated. is NOT regulated nor do we see it selling anything on a retail or a wholesale basis. This makes it a scam

I advise anyone reading this NOT  to sign up with that said I don’t give financial advise and ultimately what you do with your money is up to you. Again I do not recommend that anyone sign up with

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