IRS Tax Notificati​on Department Scam

Did you get an email that said something like this because if you did delete the email immediately

Dear Taxpayer!

You are encouraged to pay a penalty for the failure to file income tax returns prior to January 31, 2011.
Note, IRC [Section 6039(b)(1)]
provides for a monetary penalty of $10,000 for each [Form 5472]
that is filed after the due date of the income tax return or does not include the complete and accurate information described in [Section 6038(a)].

No penalty will be imposed if the company shows that the late filing was due to reasonable cause.

For more information please refer to attached file.

Internal Revenue Service United States Department of the Treasury.
Tue, 29 Nov 2011 11:02:15 +0800
I know for most of you deleting this email is a no brainer but I’m writing this post because there are people that are new to the internet and might not know that the government will not under any circumstance send them an email. Hopefully these people read a post like this one notifying them that this IRS Tax Notificati​on Department email is a scam.