Is Scamming Men? Find My Flings Review

Based on my reviews, “Find My Flings” is mostly an entertainment-based dating website; if you’re joining because you’re looking to meet someone physically, I’d say most of the people who reviewed it consider it a scam, there are a lot of fake dating websites set are created to get men to pay to sign up. is owned by Meteor Interactive BV, and most people who reviewed Meteor Interactive BV-owned dating APPs consider them to be a scam, so I wouldn’t join hoping to meet anyone in person if I were you. The best sex-themed adult dating website is by far Adult Friend Finder, and they’re by no means perfect, as they often get negative reviews also.

The difference with Adult Friend Finder, however, is that, at the very least, they have LEGITIMATE female members who you can meet. But like Tinder and other APPs, the success rate is quite low, and your location plays a huge factor regarding your success. and Meteor Interactive BV have a lot of fake female members. appears to be mostly targeting men, so try not to fall victim; in their terms, usually, these scam dating websites will tell you they hire people to chat with you; I think and most Meteor Interactive BV-owned dating APPS admit that they’re hiring people to talk to their mostly male members, meaning that most of the pictures of the members you’re chatting with are likely fakes.

Join FindMyFlings at your own risk. I will not recommend it, contact their website if you want to know more about their services; I can not recommend any dating website that is owned and or operated by Meteor Interactive BV.Good luck. Alternative For Men over 35

If you’re a successful male over 35 years of age and you’re struggling to find a date, meet or attract beautiful women locally, have you considered trying international dating?  In the long term, international dating is less expensive, and the women are a lot prettier, and the online dating component is far better.

Depending on your budget, you can actually sign up for the Date International Executive Plan. Yes, you read that correctly; this is not simply a dating website; with this service in particular, a Professional Matchmaker will Work for YOU EXCLUSIVELY, you tell them the type of woman you’re looking for, and they’ll find her for you.

When you visit the Date International  Website, you’ll notice that there is an abundance of VERIFIED attractive women, but what you learn soon figure out once you visit their International Dating Testimonials pages  is that a lot of the success stories came from men who used the Professional Matchmaker service.


Again these services are better suited for mature men, who are serious; if you’re young and unserious, you’ll be better off sticking with Tinder or one of those scammy APPs. These women can and will reject you if they think you’re playing games with them; what these women are looking for are usually older men who are mature and well-put together.

What separates the women who use the international dating service from Western women is that they don’t come with all the unnecessary baggage you’ll experience with most women in the U.S., U.K, Canada, Australia, etc.

Also, these women aren’t as obese as most of the women you’ll see in western countries, obese women tend to have insecurity issues, and it’s hard to have an honest conversation with most of them, some men like BBWs but the average man I meet doesn’t, and the older us men get, the more health complications we know occur with women who are obese, so keep that in mind if you’re dating women with mostly self-inflicted health problems.

So are and Meteor Interactive BV scamming men? I’d argue yes; either way, join them at your own risk; best of luck on your dating journey.

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