Is a Scam?

Before getting into anything associated with Robert Allen it’s important to note that for most people what Robert Allen offers is a lot harder than he makes it sound in sales presentations. Another thing to point out is that Robert Allen products typically have unforeseeable up-sells. He’ll sell one thing for $27 and then up-sell you something else and then he’ll usually finish off with some sort of coaching this is why personally I don’t like dealing with Robert Allen products.

The Ivan and Alicia Website

I was actually brought to the via spam in my email, but what should be noted is that the sole purpose of is to get you to purchase Robert Allens product(s) and or services. At the moment the links on are leading to, yes the price for admission to the is only $27 but what I will tell you is that after you purchase this there will be up-sells apparently they offer a 365 day money back guarantee I cannot verify whether they honor refund requests however you might want to phone their customer support team before making a commitment just to make sure this is legit.

Final thoughts on

I don’t like telling adults what to do with their money my thoughts are to avoid this program that being said do what you gut feeling tells you too. If you tried and you’re not satisfied consider visiting the advertising blog work from home page found below.

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