Cash Flow Money Online and Bitcoin Era FRAUD – Before you join consider reading this blog post first

If you found yourself on any of the following websites, these are frauds. and The website or webpages could be anything, it could be a fake news website or a blog promoting an offer, what shows on that webpage will be based on your region.

The website I point to in this post is currently targeted towards a fraudulent offer called “Bitcoin Era”. Based on my reviews it’s a scam, it’s not legit, I wouldn’t sign up for that fraud if I were you, there’s nothing to review because it’s a scam a total fraud. Join them at your own risk I don’t recommend them you’ve been warned.

I can’t comment on what happens if you get scammed into giving them your personal information or money. Do so at your own risk. Any question you have should be sent to them. Currently their privacy policy, contact information is missing, which is why I consider them a complete fraud, not worthy of an in-depth review. Again join them at your own risk, it’s a cam in my book.

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