When it is cold outside and you are sitting inside of your vehicle, nothing is more important than a nice warm heater. Heaters are great for keeping you comfortable and they also provide warmth that keeps the windshield free of ice, snow, slush, and frost. Once you understand how automotive heaters function you are in a better position to take care of them, and your Lincoln Park auto repair service will help you.

A car’s heater works through a small radiator within your cooling system. It fits inside the passenger compartment and hot coolant is pumped through this radiator (called a heater core). A heater fan blows the warmth to you or your windshield.

Inside the engine block is a thermostat that stops coolant from circulating throughout the engine. This is how your engine temperature is regulated and kept constant. For example, to make your engine warm, the thermostat closes (stopping the cooling process until it opens again). Worn thermostats may sometimes stick open and stop the heater from working.

If you have a bad thermostat, you could have a serious problem. In fact, you should consider replacing the thermostat whenever your vehicle is winterized. The part is not expensive and if a thermostat sticks in the closed position, your engine overheats (and this can be costly).

Always be certain your car’s radiator has sufficient coolant. In fact, you should check the radiator every time you check the engine oil. If your system is low on coolant you may not receive any heat.

Your Lincoln Park auto repair shop performs complete winterization services. They will clean the cooling system, replace antifreeze, wipers, and inspect all of the car’s vital components. It is not expensive to have a car serviced for winter. However, it can be very expensive if you do not have winter service and end up stranded on the highway.

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