Daca also stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. It’s a memorandum that was passed on the 15th of June, 2012. There are many people living in the United States who have alienated themselves from knowing anything that has to do with the legal systems by which they are ruled.

On the fifteenth of June, 2012, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals came into effect. In general, its details are not widely known by US citizens. However, it was put into action by Janet Napolitano, who is the Secretary of Department of Homeland Security. The memorandum serves to guide authorities that include the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), the CBP (United States Customs and Border Protection) and the ICE (United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

This was in order to practice prosecutable prudence in the direction of some people who unlawfully migrated into the United States as children. Year in and out, there are a lot of children who migrate to the United States illegally, on their own, to make their dreams come true, and also because they see their loved ones do so.

Many people have died, however, during this process. Some children have not been able to survive until they have crossed the border, while others within the country have simply perished due to the lack of sustenance. It is sad, as well, that once they arrive in the country they have nowhere to go besides the streets. Social problems then arise. Better security is perhaps much needed at the country’s points of entry in order to prevent these problems.

No matter what, children need to be assisted and not left alone; this is why the memorandum is considered as very important. Deferred action, where the USCIS is concerned, gives children who are apprehended at borders an opportunity to at least be granted a two year authorization to be able to work; especially if these children are at least 15 years old.

Permits for work are, however, not always easy to attain. They are a process that has various requirements. Under the Dream Act for illegal children immigrants, President Barrack Obama wished to pass an amendment that would facilitate children, or adults, who have a university degree. However, the amendment was unsuccessful.

Its a long process for these children to legally obtain a work permit. However, they can embrace the system so that there is no need to be afraid of deportation; for two years at least. While the initial authorization may be hard to obtain, the second two years of their stay may be easier to achieve. These children are, however, not granted or guaranteed permanent citizenship by Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals.

In general, Daca has improved the lives of children who have immigrated from other countries to the United States. They no longer have to rely solely on food they have received from begging. They are provided with meals. These children have also been able to further their studies, in hopes of better job opportunities. Although not all may be in agreement with the memorandum, it has been of assistance to many people.

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