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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak said Monday that his players have to handle their emotions better after cornerback Aqib Talib shoved Broncos wide receiver Jordan Norwood after Norwood muffed a punt early in the fourth quarter of the Broncos’ 30-27 overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday night.

“Let me just say this, we compete at the highest level,” Kubiak said when he was asked about the incident Monday. “Our guys compete all the time, practice, games, those types of things, so I see guys competing, guys are upset. Jordan and Aqib are fine, I can tell you that, that’s not an issue.”

It happened in a hard-nosed affair the Broncos trailed, 16-10, with 12 minutes, 29 seconds left in regulation. Norwood, who had muffed a punt earlier in the game and had struggled much of the time on a windy night, was set to field a Dustin Colquitt punt at the Kansas City 48-yard line, right in front of the Broncos’ bench area.

But Norwood drifted too far under the ball, which bounced off his facemask and Chiefs long-snapper James Winchester recovered at the Chiefs’ 41-yard line. Many players on the Broncos’ sideline reacted with plenty of anger and Talib took it one more step shoving Norwood hard following the play.

It did not escalate as Norwood moved to sit on one of the team’s benches as Talib and the Broncos’ defense took the field. The Chiefs did not make much of the opportunity as they had a holding penalty and ran three other plays before punting on the ensuing drive.

Kubiak said he didn’t believe the play would be an issue between the two players moving forward.

“Obviously emotions get in the way and those are things we’ve got to talk about,” Kubiak said. “We’ve got to control our emotions. It’s a very competitive environment down there and there was no harm intended, I can tell you that. Those two guys are fine.”

Asked if he was “OK” with what happened, Kubiak said:

“I want our guys to compete. We have to handle those situations better. I tell our guys all the time, here’s what I tell them, we battle together, we don’t battle each other. And they understand that.”