Is a scam?

No hype huh? Looked like a bunch of hype to me, There was an actual movie with Anik shooting what appeared to be a Nigerian in the head my guess is the Nigerian stole Anik’s software that had no hype and the Nigerian was going to give it to the King or Queen of Nigeria so they could write spam messages to unsuspecting Americans who would then wire thousands of dollars to them in order to claim some sort of “re-ward”, great concept Anik Singal playing into the Nigerian stereo type like that?

To me Anik Singal lethal commission software sounds like the same old recycled products being reintroduced over and over again. Set it and forget it free traffic do absolutely nothing and get paid. Really? Really?…REALLY? If this is anything like the others I’ve seen and experienced, what he’ll give you is a website in a particular niche and what your job will be is to insert your Clickbank or some other affiliate I’d into the software and click a button which will produce a website in a certain niche.

No Hype huh!

My guess is that your “newly created website” will have a twitter and Facebook share links attached to it which will enable you to share your “new website” with your twitter or Facebook followers who “hopefully” help your website to go viral. Something else I’m assuming is that these websites will have a feed that can be shared and even meta tags that can be configured.

This is nothing new maybe he’s updated it to make it more modern but these types of programs are all over the internet and typically once the internet gets saturated with them they all get blacklisted. On top of this my guess is that Anik Singal will have some sort of soft up-sell waiting for you after your purchase meaning something will cost you more than the $8 domain fee.

Final thoughts on

I won’t call a scam but what I will say is that once you sign up you’ll learn the truth that’s it’s not as easy as he’s making it sound. If you’re a newbie you might find some value in it but the problem you will run into is more experienced internet marketers that have ORIGINAL websites with UNIQUE content that will steam roll you back to Anik who will probably present you with another “Lethal offer” for you buy another one of his products.

Anik’s an exceptional internet marketer with a huge following that being said don’t be fooled into believing that Anik Singal is going to give away a thousand dollar idea for $67 bucks!

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