– Legit or Scam?

If you’re wondering if is a scam? The answer is no they’re legit and paying as of January 2014! By now if you’re reading this you should know that LifeStartsAt21 is a forced matrix and they’re video explanation does a pretty good job explaining how forced matrix’s work! If this type of business venture interests you I think you should give it a try.

Those of you who don’t know how forced matrix’s work should know the downfall to programs like these happens when people stop joining like with any network system these fancy systems are reliant upon new members signing up. This is why people call them pyramid schemes but that argument can realistically be made about any business venture what I personally don’t like matrix systems is the income splitting which is really the only thing that goes on with network marketing or matrix systems.

In traditional sales and marketing businesses or even investing you’re getting full commissions for your investments and or work where as the purpose of the matrix is to try and keep everyone happy so even when you do some or most or the work recruiting new members existing members that signed up will benefit from your marketing. As good as this may sound in theory truth is I see a similar App opportunity called Instant Profit APP as a way more lucrative endeavor. That said Life Starts At 21 is not a scam and generally reviews so far have been pretty good. I do not recommend them but if you want to sign up I wish you all the best

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