Like most other items, tires have grown much more expensive during the past decade. Most vehicle owners are more interested in getting more miles from their tires. A Lincoln Park auto repair company offers tire rotation to help ensure tires provide the longest service and safest operation of one’s car.

Because the front tires of a car wear differently from the rear ones, rotating them can ensure they wear more evenly. Front wheels turn from side to side to offer steering while the rear ones normally track in a straight line. The steering tires endure greater friction and heat, causing them to wear faster than those that only track in the rear.

Rotating tires front to rear equalizes the wear of tire tread and maximizes the tire’s life. Suspension and alignment of a vehicle can cause wear patterns to develop. Rotation generally involves moving tires from the front axle to the back but they are kept on the same side for the life of the tire.

Some vehicles have front and rear tires that are of different sizes. On these vehicles, the owners can have the tires switched from one side to the other, but they cannot be switched from front to back. Additionally, some tires are unidirectional or have asymmetrical tread the tires cannot be rotated. This case is very rare.

Manufacturers often provide a schedule in the vehicle’s owner’s manual for the rotation of tires. The recommended interval is generally in the range of every 5,000-10,000 miles. Owners who heed these directions will be rewarded with the longest life of their tires.

While this job can be done by the owner, it is necessary to ensure lug nuts are tightened with a torque wrench to the specifications of the manufacturer. Improperly tightened lug nuts may damage expensive allow wheels. A Lincoln Park auto repair shop can provide the services.

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