I’m actually learning about today and the way how I learned about it was unfortunate because I found out about it through an advertiser that exceeded his/her allotted clicks. Every time I see this it reminds of something that happened to me when I used a company called If you’ve ever tried to run a clickbank campaign through you know what I mean. What will do is disable your link without notice, what happened to me is that I spent a lot of money advertising somewhere and like an idiot I used to track my clicks big mistake I got no sales and my link was disabled.

LinkTrackr Link disabled

Unfortunately for the individual that used he/she won’t be seeing any sales or any stats for that matter. Personally I go by the motto go big or go home. I think that’s why I hate hidden up-sells so much. Unless you can purchase LinkTrackr’s Xtreme package I personally would avoid using it and stick to free services such as

Cloak your urls and track your stats with this completely free service doesn’t do as much as does but it does track your stats and tell you where your clicks are coming from, besides that you can also cloak multiple urls with the click of a button. You can do all of this for free and absolutely no advertisements will a company your clicks. The person that runs the site also uses it and he says it will remain this way for as long as he’s the owner. So if is too much for you consider using

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