In very cold weather, a car needs more attention than normal before the cold temperatures hit. This insures you will have a winter with the least amount of stress from your car. Here are some helpful tips from your local Lincoln Park auto repair service, to keep you running all through the winter.

After a while, antifreeze can break down and lose its ability to protect your engine. The colder the temperature gets the less protection you have, and when it is far below zero your car’s engine and radiator could freeze up. This can result in some very expensive repairs.

Before cold weather you should clean your cooling system and your mechanic knows just what to do. He will flush out all of the debris and replace old coolant with new. This will keep your car safe all winter and help you avoid many common cold weather problems.

Do not wait until an ice storms happens to do something about your windshield wiper blades. In winter you need wiper blades in top shape to keep ice, snow, and slush, out of your field of view. To make sure wipers are good, replace them in the fall.

You can never have too many ice scrapers in cold weather. Fall is the best time to buy your scrapers as there may be limited supplies after the first big storm of the season. Always buy extra scrapers and store one in the car’s trunk, as you never know when your scraper will break. Also, buy quality scrapers with brushes that can remove snow from your windows.

When you come in for an oil change, ask your Lincoln Park auto repair professionals about winterizing your car. They will check out the radiator, thermostat, belts, hoses, battery, and make sure that everything is fine. This will eliminate many wintertime headaches.

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