Cash Flow Money Online Review Is It a Scam

So If you’re wondering if Local Marketing Myth the answer is a huge NO. There’s one thing you need to know however and that is Investment is required. By investment I mean at least $2000. With this program we get paid by leads my last check was $8000 which is chump change actually. What people don’t seem to get with program is the simple fact that all you need to do is find leads and get their email address. You get the websites you have the closures you’re plugged into the system.

The Best Part of Local Marketing Myth

The best part of this program by far is the niche your put into. High paying clients I do run my own business on the side so this is passive income to my online business on eBay, but its really simple especially now that there’s Facebook and Facebooks makes it easy to find doctors andĀ dentistsĀ another source I like to use is Twitter which is ok because it’s free but sometimes you do run into bots which are impossible to avoid at times. The bottom line is you really have nothing to lose 30 day money back guarantee.

Working With Tony Robbins

Russell is also now working with Tony Robbins which is exciting and we expect more sales because Tony Robbins is well respected in the upper middle class industry so you ask me is a scam? that’s a big no but investment is required so if you don’t have much money you might want to wait until you do. The key thing you have to remember is that everything is there for you all you have to do is market it which they show you how to do. You must remember that its called Local Marketing Myth. If you search for business in google you might also notice that all there information is there you can even email many of them in many instances. If you have the money I would at least check it out

click here and actually watch the for the video for yourself