Doing a background check is essential especially if you are an employer. One of the first things to consider when making a background check is to check the California Arrest records to determine if the applicant has any. One can check out the Office of the Attorney General to access criminal records or the Court of California’s online website. The two offer a comprehensive way to access the records. If you are looking for a person who is incarcerated currently, you might want to check the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation website. Please note that the DOJ restricts the access to criminal record for those who are authorized and law enforcement only. Claiming one’s criminal records however is allowed.

For residents of California, they are required to submit a fingerprint image scan and pay a $25 processing fee. The applicants are requested to download and fill up the Live Scan form. Applicants should choose the type of application they need and indicate the reason for the application. Take the application form to any of the fingerprint service centers. The fingerprint service can be accessed through local police departments or any establishments that are authorized by the DOJ. Some service centers charge other fees aside from the $25, which is mandatory by the DOJ, for rolling feed or any other fees.

For out of state residents, they can obtain their criminal records by downloading another form from the website. The form “State Summary Criminal History Records” is also available in the site. Applicants should fill up the form and head to the fingerprint agency in the state or place they are currently residing. All fees or payments should be in check or money order and addressed to the DOJ office.

For agency applicants, all communications will be directed to the agency where they are affiliated. The DOJ will send all the necessary forms to the agency in 7 days’ time. Delays are inevitable especially if errors are found with the application form. There are instances where processing is delayed due to the substandard fingerprint scan as well as positive criminal records of the applicant. Applicants can follow up their request by accessing the site’s automated phone system. One needs to include their birthdate as well as ATI to make a follow up.

Those applicants with positive arrest records can clean up their records by appealing to the court. Those that are eligible include applicants who have misdemeanour or minor offenses under them. Understanding the conviction can be helpful to ensure that one gets to fill up the correct forms. Payment of $120 is charged to the person with probation and a $60 for those who have no probation.

For personal records, applicants can check their local law enforcement and request for any records pertaining to their own. Some law enforcement agencies have their own policies concerning requests so it is important to call the local department and ask the requirements before one goes in person. Applicants can also go to the court where the conviction was handed down and file for a request to obtain their personal records. It is possible to access arrest records through online means as well. There are companies that provide free or pay per request online. The government also has the Megan’s Law, a free online tool, which can help locate sex offenders.

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