Among all the 50 US states, North Carolina or the Old North State still stands at number 10 on the top ten most populated states in the US with a population of more than 9.7 million based on the 2013 US Census records. In a state as densely inhabited as North Carolina, meeting different kinds of people is quite possible. Even meeting new friends and lifetime partners is likely to happen. Therefore, doing a background check on an individual you wish to build a relationship with is really important. Checking over North Carolina police records is definitely a good idea to delve deeper into the significant details of an individual you want scrutinized.

In the Tar Heel State, there are several ways to acquire a copy of a police record or perform a background check with the means of such records. You can go to the county’s Office of the Clerk of Superior Court, to the State Bureau of Investigation, or to the state’s Federal Bureau of Investigation. Varied charges may be asked along with your application for a reproduction of a police record. In the Superior Court’s Office, each copy of a police record is worth $25. In the State Bureau of Investigation, it costs $14. If you wish to get the police record you need from the Federal Bureau of Investigation in North Carolina, then you have to pay a fee of $18. In addition, you can also search for a police record – either your personal record or that of somebody else’s – from public access terminals in the clerk’s office for free. However, these searches are not certified and there is a small charge for printing.

Requisites in obtaining a police record in the Old North State include an application form containing the complete name and date of birth of the person you want to investigate and your details as the requestor such as full name and phone number where you can be reached. Aside from this, a fingerprint card is also required as searches for police records especially criminal records are fingerprint-based. A background check done by doing such searches is commonly called as “right to review” check.

Aside from acquiring a police record from such agencies, you can also do a background check by contacting police record check vendors for non-certified statewide record checks for yourself or others. Individual unofficial record checks may be conducted through third-party companies that sell information. Each company has its own charges. The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts provide several websites with records that are accurate reflections of the data in the databases of the clerks of court, but such office cannot guarantee that the information these companies provide to their customers is current or accurate.

Moreover, there are other websites in the web that also provide police records but are not associated with the North Carolina Administrative Courts Office. These are independent online service providers which proffer police records for a minimal fee only. Aside from saving money, you get to save time as well as these online record providers can give you the police record you need in just minutes. Technological advancements of today really made most, if not all, transactions be accomplished in a way that is more expedited and convenient compared to how things were done back in the previous centuries.

With over 9.7 million people making North Carolina their dwelling place, demarcating anyone with a shady past is not an easy task. Hence, background checks are very crucial. Because public police records indicate any misdemeanour or felony done by an individual, you get to know how to decide when wanting to let somebody into your life. Without a doubt, this is really very helpful as this does not only help protect yourself and your loved ones, but also, it does save you a lifetime of misery.

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