Is a scam?

To those of you reading this it should be noted that penny auction websites shouldn’t be looked at a “penny auctions” because nothing there is being sold for a penny. Products are be sold for the price you pay for credits which is why I consider penny auction websites gambling website. Sure people win but majority of the time people pay more for the item than they paid to join the site so in essence people that join are joining for the entertainment value.

There’s nothing wrong with this if you ask me my only problem is should stop lying about the prices people are paying for things because being that I can’t join them for less than $10 there shouldn’t be any labels on their site that claim that people are winning prizes for $2 – $8 because this is actually a lie. One other thing is doesn’t give refunds so once you give them you’re money don’t expect to get it back. is an entertainment auction website so idealy you’re paying for the entertainment. Personally I don’t think is a scam based on my reviews they seem to be legit however my review includes reading their terms and conditions which basically exposes their scheme. Remember the money mad by comes from the money you give them intially to place a bid is their game rigged? I don’t know and I’m not in a position to make any claims all I will say is personally wouldn’t start an auction website to operate at loss. so prior to signing up consider factoring shipping charges and also any and all fees involved in the bidding and withdrawal process for items you might win.

Good luck to you all!