There are quite a few webpages on however if you go directly to there is currently as of November 2014 nothing there which leads me to believe that a person might want to think twice before giving up his or her personal information

Based on my review and the reviews I’ve done on their webpages I’m not too sure that they’re a company you want to give your personal information too! I can’t say they’re legit because they don’t see legit they’re tracking IP addresses and from my stand point based on what I’m seeing I would avoid them altogether you never know and in this instance I don’t think is worth the risk! If you’re interested Click here to get paid to do surveys  it’s 100% free and it’s free a trusted company that not only pays but doesn’t scam you and connects people with legitimate survey companies with no upfront costs.

There’s also Clicks for surveys which has a fee to join but they connect you with higher paying survey companies, if you qualify for these companies you can make some pretty good money which is one of the reasons they continue to grow and suport contiues to mount for this company. I’m not too sure about I don’t trust them if you want to try them go ahead but be careful and let me point out that I personally wouldn’t use them if I were you especially if they ask for your personal information.