How to master the Online Cashflow board game!

There are a lot of books that teach people how to make money, however the Rich dad poor dad book is the only one that teaches people what wealth is and how to create it. My personal experience is that the best way to create wealth is to stay out of debt, however if a person is going to get into a person should get into good debt. Good debt such as real estate which is pretty easy to understand.

The cashflow game ONLINE in my opinion is best played ALONE if you try to learn how to master the cashflow game playing with others you fall into the “keep up with jones’s trap” which makes it harder for you to learn anything. If you’re playing against others the fastest way to win the game is to buy stocks namely sticks priced at $1, $5, even $10. you can go with $20 if you want but your profit margin will be low when it’s time to sell unless the stock goes to $50 which is pretty rare.

Buy stocks low sell them high low and then use the profits you made and go after “big deal opportunities”
Once you get out of the rat race everything is random at that point, I’ve seen people get out of the rat race quickly in 5 person game and lose to the last person to get out of the rat race, I’ve also seen games that lasted 2 minutes.

Bottom line here if you want to get the value out of the cashflow board game play it alone at least 20 times to get an idea of how the game is played. The game in many respects is a reflection of the real world, of course it’s not exact but the concept is right on point.