Does have fake profiles?

I’ve read it and seen it in a lot of places people claiming that has fake profiles on it. If you’re curious to know if this is true the answer is yes but I doubt in July 2013 that is purposely doing this. Every dating website to certain extent will have fake profiles on it. It’s free to sign up for it will only cost if you decide to upgrade so obviously spammers and scammers will sign up to so they can steal peoples information.

Your job as a member of is not to give out your personal information to people you don’t trust. The primary reason people get upset about fake profiles is because most people sign up for a dating website because of one or a few of the hot members they saw so they feel that if they paid and that member turns out to be a fake person they’re entitled to a refund or some kind of compensation. All I can say in response to this is read the terms and conditions prior to signing up.

Personally I’ve always been a fan of free dating websites because in my personally opinion and based on my reviews and my experiences fake profiles are present in every dating website. If there are fake profiles in every dating website in my opinion it’s best to stick with the free ones such as DateEtc.

DateEtc has all the features of a paid dating website but it’s free also unlike most of the dating websites that magically got 100,000 members overnight we’re getting to watch DateEtc grow organically via word of mouth which is pretty cool. People are hooking up and making friends using this site and I think everyone looking to meet someone should consider this service. One of the features that stands out from DateEtc also is that they have a section for transgenders why this is important is because transgenders are often forced to sign up as women which kind of puts everyone in an awkward spot.

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