Is a scam?

Max Life Direct isn’t a scam if you’re curious abut their deer antler spray ANTLER VELVET MAX you can try it for yourself and write your own reviews but most people who review recommend Dr Steven Lamm and his Advanced HGH Releaser products  primarily because there are little to no side effects and also because their customer assistance and customer help is far superior to any other product in this industry. Deer Antler spray still has a lot of questions that need answered and for most people they’re not sure what the long term effects of Deer Antler spray are.

People are more aware of the minimum side effects Advanced HGH Releaser which are minimal considering the amount of benefits customers receive using HGH products. Max Life direct is legit I just don’t recommend it!  Any questions that you have about Max life direct should be direct to their staff I only speak on what worked for me. I should also mention that Dr Steven Lamm and leading edge are based in America and their information just like their products can be broken down on their website you can view testimonials and also read the ingredients on their website!

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