In Orlando, Florida car dents are an inescapable fact to all car owners. The most careful of drivers is likely to encounter a situation where they have no control in preventing it from occurring. Some situations are caused by nature for example hail storms cause serious deformations on car tops. Dent removal is important because it reduces further destruction to car bodies and thus helps maintain their value

There are different classifications of dings that occur in car body panels. This is despite the fact that all of them simply represent a disruption in the metal grains. What differentiates dents is the position in which they occur. Some occur in tight spots that require much work and some occur in easy less demanding spots.

There are various techniques used in order to repair dents. Some need seasoned experts while some can be carried out at home by the less skilled owners. The technique to be applied is determined by the kind of ding to be removed. All techniques employ use of specific equipments and materials.

Smooth creases occur on body panel parts that have soft curves. The first option to remove them is by hitting with a rubber mallet on the interior side of the panel. If this does not work then a person can use a plunger tool . It involve drilling a hole in the dent cusp and fixing in a wire strap that is pulled so that it reverts back to position. After this the area affected by the dent is filled with body filler and then later repainted in order to give the car its original look.

Small sharp creases are positioned in a highly reinforced area of the panel. They are relatively small but sharp because in these positions the metal alloy is tight and strong. This makes it very hard to remove with affecting the adjacent body coatings. The ideal way to remove these kinds of deformations is using a technique called paint less dent removal.

As the name suggests, paint less ding removal does not involve repainting the crease location with body filler and paint after it has been removed. This is because it uses special tools to massage the deformation from the back side. It usually requires highly skilled technicians to perform it. It uses simple tools that include a mirror and a pry bar. The other advantage of this technique is that this job can be done at home by the technician because of the ease of carrying these tools.

A lesser used but similarly significant method of ding repair is glue pulling. It is used to repair sharp dents that cannot be accessed from the back side. This method uses special glue to attach tabs on the outside of the dent that are later pulled until the ding is removed. The glue might be reapplied several times before the ding is removed.

After all dent removal need not be a turgid affair. This is so if one uses the paint less technique because many insurance companies recommend it. The car value is not affected when this technique is used.

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