With criminals lurking everywhere, your safety and the security of the people you care about is at a higher risk. This is why Minnesota Criminal records were opened to the public for awareness and cautious of one’s security. With this residents of Minnesota can request for a copy of a criminal record anytime they need it. This was done in accordance to the Freedom of Information Act.

Residents of Minnesota request for criminal records primarily to conduct background check. People look into the criminal history of those who are around them to make sure they are in a safe environment. Criminal history of tutors, babysitters, nannies, relatives and friends are checked to make sure that these people can be trusted. Employers also request for such documents to check on their people. Before they hire applicants, employers would check on their background to make sure that they the only people who work for them are trustworthy individuals who they can count on. Investigators also refer to this document when they have a criminal case to process.

All of the crimes and misdemeanors committed by the individual are documented on the file together with the charges and sentence given to the individual. It is not a complete document without the name of the individual involved. Other details that can be found on the record include a detailed description of the person’s appearance. One would know if the individual has any markings on his body like birth marks, scars or tattoo.

Getting a copy of a criminal record in the state of Minnesota would mean that the requesting individual knows the basic details of the record of interest. A request form has to be filled out with necessary information used for the search such as the name of the offender and the date and place the crime was committed. It is also important that the requesting individual also indicate his contact details on the request for reference. The document is only released if the one who requested it is the person himself or a relative. A court order has to be requested should there be a need to access the records of other individual. A printing fee of $8 is needed to get the document but there is a separate fee for the processing of the request but the charges differ depending on the request made.

In Minnesota, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is responsible for managing the criminal records of the state. The said office is where one can get a copy of such document. In case going to the office personally is not possible, a mail request can be sent, but it can take several days before the results of the search can be delivered back to the requesting party.

Public crime records of Minnesota can now be obtained through the Internet. With this the search can be done even without leaving home, making it convenient and fast. Many residents prefer to request it online and they pay for the service to make sure that they are getting quality results.

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