Review is it a scam

Movie25 provides its users free access to watch free newly released movies. So the question usually asked is; isn’t this a scam or isn’t this some sort of fraud? Well I’m no lawyer but what I do know is that you can’t find any movies on the Movie 25 website. The only thing you’ll find there is links to other websites that are showing free movies. That being said I would conclude that Movie 25 is the middle person between this transaction and being that it hasn’t been shut down as of yet my guess is that people will continue to use that directory.

How to download movies that you see on movies 25

For the record if you’re plan is to be one of those website that show the movies online be warned that it’s a very risky business and most of the people involved in it are already making a lot of money. That being said the way you download those movies is to go to the source. It’s actually not as expensive as most of you might think but also it’s not as convenient as most of you might think either. It’s a directory of newly released shows, sports events and movies and when some is released you can be the first one to download it.

By now my guess is that many of you get how it works now which is; people download the movies and then they sell those movies, post them online or download them for personal use. The bottom line here is that it’s up to you to do whatever you want with the movies but be warned that posting video’s online isn’t always your best bet

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Final thoughts on

It’s a free directory of movies, they’ve been online for plenty of years and I haven’t seen them get shut down once they’re constantly updating themselves and I have not heard of much or any complaints about them using spyware or Trojans or anything like that. Movie 25 always has new releases most people consider using it safe I’ve personally never received a virus from them. However if you’re looking for a website to download movies from their source the link below will show you how

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For those of you concerned that might get shut down. The truth is that there are hundreds of these sites around the internet, it’s actually not as hard as mostr of you think to start one. Here’s another post you might be interested in reading.

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