There are quite a few of those websites all over the internet and their number one goal based on my reviews of all of them is to scare you into downloading their software, based on my review I wouldn’t call a scam but I wouldn’t call it legit either nor will I recommend to anyone if you want to sign up with that’s fine but I as I’ve stated in other posts I’ve written about similar sites its a much smarter idea to get free trusted softwares going to CNET which has real reviews from real people.

Plus when you go to CNET you can see if there’s a trial, if it’s ad supported if the software comes with spyware, contains viruses or anything like that. The main issue with most of the softwares available to day is that they contain spyware and also they make it very hard to uninstall it from your computer, plus I’ve heard stories of people who downloaded anti softwares and instead of fixing their computers it gave their computer a virus.

I’m not calling a scam, but I’m not going to recommend it to anyone my best advice again is to go to CNET  and check out a reliable software that fits your needs, read real reviews and base your decision on the software that best matches your current needs which might be nothing if you’re nothing is wrong with your computer. Personally I prefer  MyPCBackup but not everyone likes the price

CNET and type antivirus free download