Single individuals should be more vigilant in choosing their partner these days. Before taking chances, conduct precautionary measures and start delving into New York Divorce Records. A divorce paper can reveal a lot of information about a person and his previous marriage. In this document, you will learn the person’s name and the name of his ex-spouse, parents, children and location where the separation was signed and approved. Moreover, it also exposes the reasons that caused the divorce.

The New York State Health Department distinguishes a divorce decree and divorce certificate. If you are allured in getting a divorce data that transpired before January 1, 1963, then you have to seek for a divorce decree from the respective county clerk where the decree was enforced. On the other hand, if the event happened on January 1, 1963 onwards, divorce certificate may be demanded from the New York State Department of Health.

Vital records such as divorce files would require proper proof of identification from the petitioner. It can be in the form of a utility bill or any state-issued photo Ids. Applications for the said accounts shall be ignored without the aforementioned requirement. Generally, only the separated couple is authorized to have a copy of the said files. Those who want to get a duplicate other than the mentioned persons may do so by presenting an approved court order as a requisite. An equivalent for a certified copy of the document would be $30.00 each.

All fees are to be paid to the New York Department of Health. Only checks and money orders are accepted. Applications may be done over the phone which could take 5 to 7 working days, mail priority handling which takes about 2 to 3 weeks and the regular mail requests which take about 6 to 8 weeks. Those who are working or living out of the country may forward in the request through a check to be transferred on any US bank.

Although divorce records are personal, it is ironically a public data as well. They are usually searched for various intentions such as investigating a possible lifetime partner, corroborating legal lawsuits or examining a family tree. Typically, such research is conducted in earnest situations. This is why it is critical that the facts are credible and up to date.

With so many tasks to do, the most useful method to conduct a divorce file research is through the international networking system. Free Divorce Records may be acquired through a free based website. It may also be viewed up to a certain degree on the commercial site. However, there is a big difference on content and details if you sign up on a commercial site. Free of charge sites tend to have lacking and sometimes misleading data. Thus, a fee based website is essential for a prosperous research and results.

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