As many couples come to a decision of separating, it is wise to check if your partner has formally broken up with his or her ex-spouse. Looking on New York Divorce Records can be a good start for your research as this document can uncover a number of data about an individual and his or her former marriage. Also, this paper divulges the name of the ex-partners, their children, the place where the divorce was filed and the reason for the couple’s break up.

The New York State Health Department distinguishes a divorce decree and divorce certificate. If you are allured in getting a divorce data that transpired before January 1, 1963, then you have to seek for a divorce decree from the respective county clerk where the decree was enforced. On the other hand, if the event happened on January 1, 1963 onwards, divorce certificate may be demanded from the New York State Department of Health.

There are limitations as to who only can procure such reports. Either or both the divorced couple may always request for a copy. Third parties may do so, but with a judicial court order from New York. The requestor must present the required papers relevant to his or her request and a valid ID as necessary. Charges are applied when requesting for such files. A copy of divorce certificate would cost $30.00 each.

There are three modes of procedures to choose from when appealing for the said accounts. It may be done via online, mail, or phone. Such appeals could take weeks or even before you can get of your copy. A $30.00 payment is also required for each copy of the requested document. For those requesting applicants from outside the country, they may forward their request online and payments on any US bank.

Divorce Records are personal although it is also public information nevertheless. They are commonly looked for a number of reasons and purposes such as scrutinizing on future spouse, supporting legal actions, researching genealogy and so forth. Customarily, divorce record searches are conducted under serious circumstances. It is therefore crucial that the information source is trustworthy and updated.

With so many tasks to do, the most useful method to conduct a divorce file research is through the international networking system. Free Divorce Records may be acquired through a free based website. It may also be viewed up to a certain degree on the commercial site. However, there is a big difference on content and details if you sign up on a commercial site. Free of charge sites tend to have lacking and sometimes misleading data. Thus, a fee based website is essential for a prosperous research and results.

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