With the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act, the public records of New York have opened its access to the residents. State of New York Marriage records are one of the many documents that can be requested by the local residents.

There are several reasons why the residents of New York request for a copy of a marriage certificate. One is to conduct a genealogy research. This is the research done in order to update the family tree. It has information that is important in updating the family records. Marriage certificates are also required when dealing with some transactions in the government. Transaction that involves both the husband and the wife includes, but not limited to, property and asset declaration as well as insurance related matters is where marriage certificates are required. Those who are still in the dating stage of a relationship would check on the marital status of their partners to avoid problems when they plan to marry.

As the name suggests, a marriage record would have information about the marriage of a couple. The names of the bride and the groom are indicated on the file along with their personal details such as the date and place of birth. The names of their parents are also indicated on the record. The certificate highlights the place and the date where the marriage occurred. One would also know who served as witness to the event.

The office of the Department of Health in New York is where the public records of the state are being kept. This includes the marriage records of New York. However they said office does not release records for the counties of Albany, Buffalo, and Yonkers. Licenses from these counties have to be requested at their respected county clerk office. It is not only in the three mentioned counties that marriage certificates can be obtained in the town clerk but it is also possible for other counties as well.

The state can release a copy of the document if it was registered since 1880 up to the present. A $30 processing fee has to be paid in order to process the request in the state office. Requests made at the local county may have a different service fee. Genealogy copies of the document can be requested after 50 years since the marriage took place. One should know that the document is only released when the one who filed the request is either the bride or the groom and their immediate family. Doing the search in the county is faster than requesting it at the state office. A mail request can also be sent to the state office but it may take longer than usual. The long wait time can be avoided by doing the search online.

We are now in the age of technology and this means that technology helps in making our lives easier and convenient. This reason why the public documents of New York has been integrated in an online server. This helps the residents of the state to obtain copies of marriage records easily. The requested information is then displayed in just seconds instead of days or months.

Paid or Free New York Marriage Records, they each serve their purpose. Learn all about them at Public Marriage Records.