Marriage records in New York is one of the most accessed documents in the state. Marriage certificates are now easy to obtain after the Freedom of Information Act has been implemented nationwide.

In the state of New York, marriage records are used in a number of reasons. It is one of the primary sources of information when conducting a genealogy research. Aside from this, government transactions may also call for a copy of a marriage certificate. Some request may not be processed without such documents especially if it involves the couple like insurance and other financial matters. There are individuals who conduct a background check on the marital status of their partners. They do this to make sure that the one they are dating is really single as they have claimed.

Just what are the things that can be found on a marriage certificate issued in New York? As the name implies, it contains details about the marriage of a couple. The names of the couple are documented on the file along with the date and the place when the marriage occurred. One can also find some personal details about the couple such as their date of birth and the name of their parents. Additional information included on the document is the name of the witnesses.

To make the request hassle free, it is recommended to provide vital information about the record that is being requested. This includes the names of the couple along with important details such as the date and the place when the couple got marriage. One will be asked to provide the reason for requesting the document and it should be stated clearly to have the request granted. Aside from providing such information, there are other requirements that should also be given such as the photocopy of one’s identification card. It should be government issued ID’s such as passport, driver’s license, U.S. Military. Once the request has been sent, the requested file can be obtained after a maximum of 12 weeks. This long wait time can be shortened to 4 weeks if one avails of the priority handling but a higher fee may be charged.

The state of New York has managed to keep marriage records which have been registered since 1881. Only records from that year are available. Requesting for the document to be used in a genealogy research will only be approved if the document has been on the archive for 50 years. One has to pay $30 for every request made, but this is not applicable in certain counties such as Yonkers, Albany and Buffalo. Such counties have different requirements and charges.

To avoid any hassle when requesting for records of marriage in the state of New York, one can do the search through the Internet. Through this technology, there is no need to wait and put much effort in the process. Most of the websites had their servers connected and linked to each other in order to give the closest possible results. This is evident in paid searches.

Do-it-yourself Marriage Records search are tricky. Come and share our information on Public Marriage Records and see why.