Divorce records are legal documents. These can be used in various ways. One of which it can be very beneficial is in the case of remarriage where the past marital union is made sure to have really ended. Should you wish to procure a record of divorce in New York, you can do so by requesting it from the Office of the Vital Records. The New York State Department of Health oversees the Vital Statistics Office which is the central repository for vital records in the state.

There are two types of divorce records in New York: decrees and certificates. A divorce decree indicates the conditions and terms of the separation and is filed in the county where the divorce was approved. Prior to 1963, records of divorce that were available then were decrees. Divorce certificates, on the other hand, are confidential by law and are restricted to the persons named on the document and those authorized by them only.

For divorces recorded from 1963 to present, these can be retrieved from the Department of Health in the Vital Records Office. On the other hand, requests for divorce decrees that date back to 1963 and beyond should be directed at the Circuit Clerk’s Office in the county where the couple filed the divorce.

When appealing for a copy of a divorce record in New York, a processing fee of $15 is required. Such fee is not refundable whatever the result of the search may be. In case no divorce record is found, the fee will not be returned back to you as it applies for the search itself. In this case, a “Certificate of Failure to Find” will be issued.

It is easy to rack up the needed information when you know which office you should pay a visit to. Thus, knowing when the divorce happened is really useful. When appealing for a copy of a divorce record, you will be asked to fill out an application or request form. Fill it out in its entirety with all the necessary details. Significant details required are the complete names of the husband and the wife, the date and county where they tied the knot, and the date and relevant county where the divorce was filed and ratified. As the one requesting the record, you must also input in the request form your name, address, phone number, your relationship to the couple, and the reason of your request.

No matter what your reason may be for requesting such record, still the most practical and easy way of getting it is through the Internet. Placing the order online will hasten things up. Requests made online are processed very quickly and are delivered to you without delay. Plus, you own your time. You can search for divorce records free of charge any time of the day or night and expect for the results to be sent to you in no time.

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