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Is a Scam? is a fake news website and its sole purpose is to get you to sign up for whatever scam it’s promoting. The tag line “Work At Home Mum Makes $7,487/Month Part-Time” is meant to get your attention to get you to believe that whatever is selling is legit. The webpage resembles a real news website to gain the visitors trust and the character “Kelly Richards from –>your nearest city<—” is supposed to make the visitors of believe that whatever they’re promoting is legit.

My personal thoughts on

My personal advice is to avoid this scam website at all costs. Its recommendations are typically scams. At the moment they’re promoting a company called Internet Payday System maybe when you’re reading this post they’ll be promoting something else. My advice again is to avoid these scammers at all costs. If their system was legit they wouldn’t need to trick people to get them to sign up.
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