Is a Scam?

For the record the date in which i’m writing this is January 2012 and the reason why I’m writing this is because is spamming my email account. When I invested this site I found some alarming details that I will list below.

The four sites list above if you visit them the date in which I’m writing this are all promoting different businesses using completely different web pages, one other thing I would like to point out is the fact that these web pages are not real news websites in fact they’re news advertorials which actually have been banned in some places because they’re very misleading to people. Personally I would avoid using whatever it is they’re selling. Characters Kelly Richards from” Your city” are not real they’re fictitious. Also if you check out the fake news websites that promoting penny auctions you’ll notice that they have the same exact thing to say about two completely different penny auction websites. This looks and sounds like a scam to me and I recommend avoiding it

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