North Carolina is also nicknamed as the “Tar Heel State” and the “Old North State”. It is recognized as the 28th most largest and the 10th most thickly-settled of the 50 United States. Two of its largest urban areas are among the top ten fastest growing in the country. Unsurprisingly, given the state’s booming economy, a number of people from other places are moving to this region. If you would like to search if a person has been previously divorced, you can surf through North Carolina divorce records.

Records on dissolved marriages are made accessible to the public since 1967, after the Freedom of Information Act was approved in 1966. Divorce accounts from January 1958 are maintained by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Vital Records. There are certain rules to follow in applying for a divorce record. If you want to get a copy of such document, you must fill-out an application form which you can download from the Internet. Make sure that you read all the instructions stated there. Afterwards, complete the form with all the necessary details as to the name of the husband and wife, the date and location of divorce, your relationship with the concerned parties and the purpose for which the record is needed. You also have to provide a copy of your government-issued ID, otherwise, your request will not be processed. Each copy of the official paper costs $24.00 and another $15.00 is collected for each additional copy. If you are applying by mail, you must provide a self-addressed stamped envelope together with a certified check or money order to cover the fee.

If you are in dire need of the legal document, and you want to receive your copy right after you have submitted your request, you can avail of the agency’s same-day service. You can also ask for a duplicate copy online. Either way, extra charges will apply.

For a marriage split-up that came to pass earlier than 1958, you can order a copy of such record from the Clerk of Court of the county where the divorce certificate was released.

One must keep in mind that not anybody can have a reproduction of certain divorce information. A certified replica of such legal paper can only be requested by a person whose name appears on the document, a husband or wife, a sibling, a direct heir or ancestor, a stepfather or stepmother, or a stepchild.

So if you are asking yourself about where to find divorce records in an instant, there is no better place than the Internet. The increasing number of various online records resources made it possible for us to get the information we need in just a few minutes. You don’t have to wait for long hours just to get the data you need. In most cases, we can gather relevant details free of charge. But the paid services can offer us a more up to date, accurate and reliable data. With the minimal amount we pay, we can be assured of quality service that is also easy on our budget.

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