Not all employees are subjected to overtime work thanks to fair labor standards act exemptions. This law is applicable in the US where some office holders are not entitled to perform duties on an overtime basis. Those without such exceptions are categorized by the department of Labor. In this piece of writing, some of the main titles which are exempted shall be scrutinized.

These exceptions are not guaranteed; there has to be confirmation from the federal Law where one is analyzed seriously on the basis named in the first paragraph. With this Act in use, workers offer their services within the normal hours. The application of this is for all employers within the States, be it the government, non governmental organizations, public and private companies.

The executive of such organization is given this immunity. In this perspective, he or she is an individual with the earning a stunning two thousand dollars a month. Besides, he or she is the person in charge; giving orders and commands to be followed plus hiring new employees where shortages of manpower have been reported.

Administrative exception is another class of people who are offered this exempt. In this class, qualification is based on such an individual having his or her performance based within an office bound environment and not outside. Moreover, he or she should be in charge of non-manual jobs which have a baseline of management on them. Some of the functional areas are tax, budgeting, finance, auditing accounting, procurement and marketing.

Organizational professionals both of learned and creative excellence are exempted. Their earnings for a week are four hundred and fifty dollars. The only exceptions in this category are those in lines of education, medicine and law. Learned fellows are those with high rational abilities which are exercised without fail whereas those of creative mandate are charged with making inventions, coming up with imaginations and nurturing the talent in the organization.

Employees who deal with computer applications are not left behind under this law. These are computer analysts, programmers, software engineers and those concerned with designing and documenting programs, prototypes and systems. On the basis of salary, their hourly rate should be more than twenty eight dollars. This is because, they are paid on terms of the number of hours worked.

Employees with outside duties do qualify especially those in the sales team. The restriction for this is centered on those who carry out sales, acquire reservations or agreements and facilitate payment of considerations to these customers. Additionally, sales people who are always engaged from the work space of other employees in retail organization are beneficiaries too. Here, he or she needs to have a stable rate of above one point five in comparison to that of the employer.

The class of highly compensated employees does enjoy fair labor standards act exemptions. In this category, they have an annual compensation value of a tenth of one million dollars inclusive of one thousand eight hundred and twenty dollars as their monthly income. These people are also required to be performing either one of the duties performed in the categories of executive, administrative or professional workers.

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