Vital records such as birth, marriage and death records are essential especially if one is dealing with government or private companies. These records show a person’s legitimacy, eligibility for marriage support, death benefits as well as social security. These records are housed commonly together in the State’s Vital Statistics though for those States that have huge volume of records, such as the Ohio marriage records, these are not kept in the office but in the county courts. These records are vital especially if the person needs benefits such as retirement and spousal death benefit.

For those who are looking for information on marriages, the Office of Vital Statistics of Ohio maintains an index or abstract of marriages that took place from January 1, 1950 up to the present. The index contains basic information of the marriage. To request for information, the person requesting should complete the “Application for the Marriage Abstract” form and submit it to the office. One can also search the marriage index by making an appointment with the Vital Statistic Office.

For certified copies of the marriage, the person requesting can go to the county probate court where the license was issued. Other records that one can also request for include license made by the minister, marriage consents as well as marriage returns. Each county has their own indexes and some can even date back to the 1900. To preserve the records, some are microfilmed.

Fees for certified marriage copies differ at each county. In Franklin county, certified copies can be requested either through online, by mail or through walk in. To request online, an applicant must pay the cost of the certified copy including the postage and the transaction fee. Each copy costs about $2, transaction fee costs about $1. Postage depends on the type of delivery one requests for. For standard mail, four abstracts or copies cost about $.46. Expedite delivery depends on the shipping location. To request by mail, the applicant should include the name of the couple, year of marriage, contact number, payment of $2 in either money order or cash and a self-addressed envelope. To request in person, visit the Court during working hours and wait for the record. Each record costs $2.

In other counties such as the Belmont County, individuals asking for marriage records should send their request via mail. They should include a cheque or money order, marriage details and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Each certified copy is priced at $3. The procedure is different on the other hand with the Clark County. Clark County allows the person requesting for information to check the database him or herself, though they have to know the details in order to open it.

For people looking for records of marriage, it is necessary to know all the pertinent details to ensure that the query will return positively. If the county has an online site, people can easily have access to the basic information of the parties indicated in the marriage contract. Other online sites do offer several services or packages which is quite convenient especially if one needs to know some basic information.

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