If you want to locate Oklahoma Criminal Records, you can head to the state’s central repository of criminal files, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Every citizen has the right to obtain the files because of the Open Records Act observed by the state. All criminal files preserved at the bureau are files that come from local police departments and sheriff’s offices in Oklahoma.

Any person can place a request for a certain record at the bureau or at the office where it was originally filed. There is a $15 fee for a name-based search and a $19 fee for a fingerprint-based search. The fees are payable only by money order and by check. If the records are not found, the bureau will not issue a refund. Also, if a requestor fails to include all specified requirements, the submitted request will be rejected.

Various records comprise a criminal record. It includes a sex offender record, a driving history records, arrest records, police reports, etc. There are several important pieces of information available on each of the records such as the name of the accused, what they are charged with, where the violation occurred, his or her physical features, and many more. These pieces of information are not disclosed to the public just like that because the right to privacy of a person is always preserved, even for criminals. The court allows the public to use the records as a reference or as an official supporting document in a legal proceeding. The improper use of the records, such as in a way to aim at another person for the purpose of embarrassing, defaming, blackmailing or damaging one’s reputation, is strictly prohibited by the law. Penalties will be imposed to whoever does not observe what the law specifies.

Teens nowadays, are so open-minded that they are always up to doing something new. However, at times, they pay the price for being too nave. The records are particularly helpful for parents who want to be assured that the people surrounding their beloved children will not lead them to any kind of trouble.

Criminal files are widely used by people, particularly employers and landlords. Job applicants with a criminal history will most likely not be hired because employers do not want to risk their company by hiring someone who has a potential of doing something bad. Landlords, on the other hand, want to ensure the safety of their business and the people that live in their premises. If a criminal file is filed under your name, it is wise to request access to them. Find out if the details on your files are factual and are up to date. If you want to keep your files hidden away from the public, you may place a request to the appropriate office. The chances that your request will be awarded will largely depend on the nature of the offense you committed.

To start a search, one must know at least the full name of the offender. Providing additional details is also helpful especially if the name of the offender is too common. Also, make sure that the details you are providing are accurate so that you will be given the correct records. There are various service providers that provide Free Public Criminal Records. With just computer and an Internet connection, results of your search will be displayed on your computer screen in just a matter of seconds.

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