If you are looking for Oklahoma Marriage Records, head to the county Clerk of Court that granted the marriage license, a marriage certificate, and made the whole thing official. Any person can request for the files as long as they follow the standard operating procedures specified by the Clerk of Court.

Without a marriage file, a marriage will not be recognized by the court as official. A complete marriage file is composed of a marriage license, a marriage certificate, and the marriage file itself. If one component of a marriage file is not there, the whole file becomes useless because it is only valid if it is complete. All of the components are important, especially the marriage license because a wedding cannot push through without it. The bride and groom should apply for a license simultaneously. Once the license is issued, the couple should get married within the period of 90 days starting from the day it was issued. After the 90-day period, a license expires and the couple needs to apply for another license.

There is a certain degree as to how much information a person trying to access the marriage documents will be given. The documents contain basic pieces of information which include the names of the spouses, when they were born and the date and place where the marriage transpired. Basic pieces of information are found on a marriage certificate and are available to the general public. There are details that are categorized as confidential and they are only provided to the spouses, their attorneys, and other entities authorized by the court.

Public offices such as the Clerk of Court now keep public documents online. They also provide copies of the documents to the state Health Department because that is where the central repository of the state is situated. Certified copies of marriage documents can only be obtained from the county Clerk of Court. The time it takes for public offices to process transactions is usually long. However, it helps lessen the processing period if you can supply more information about the document you want to obtain.

Due to the dawn of the Internet, the records are now available online through private service providers. They have the consent of the court to disseminate the records provided that they observe the proper procedures. There are a number of service providers available and they are either for free or have a corresponding fee.

Do not worry about the accuracy of Marriage Records that you find online because more often than not, they are in sync with what government offices maintain. If you do not know which state the files are stored, look for search tools that offer a nationwide search option. Make sure that you do a little history check on the search tools prior to deciding which one to use and find out if they have a good track record.

Do-it-yourself Marriage Records search are tricky. Come and share our information on Public Marriage Records and see why.