For those who are looking to update their ancestral records or want to check their family background, public vital records serve as one of the important documents, which can be useful to your search. Vital records such as births, deaths, marriages, divorces contain information such as birthdate, time of death, marriage status, and divorce decrees. This information can be used as supporting document as well as determine the person’s eligibility. Birth and death records are available from the State’s Health Department as well as from one’s local Vital Statistic Record Office. Marriage and Divorce decrees on the other hand are available from the county clerk where such record was issued and granted. Oklahoma marriage records, for example are available from each county office as well as from Oklahoma Historical Society.

Marriage records, affidavits, licenses, certificates, bond and other records are usually on file with the Court Clerk of the County, which can date as far back as the 1800’s. Copies of records will usually date back to the time a county was established and are available via phone, fax or in person. Fees vary for each county as well.

For those who live in Oklahoma County, marriage records are available from the County Courthouse. The Office contains 175 volumes of marriage records available to the public. The records date back to 1800s up to 1951. Marriage license, affidavit of marriage applications and marriage certificates are the records that are available from the Clerk’s Office. Oklahoma residents are charged $20 and on-residents $30 for “research request and copy fees”. Other charges depend on the format that the researcher wants for the records. Microfilmed and faxed copies cost $1 and mailing cost about $.25. Some records, such as the Choctaw-Chicksaw records are available for express delivery and cost about $10.

For other counties such as Pittsburg and Washington County, marriage records are available from the McAlester and Bartlesville County Clerk Office, respectively. Each marriage record costs about $15 each and requests can be made through online, walk-in or via standard mail.

Unlike divorce and criminal records, access to marriage records is not restricted. Researchers looking for marriage records in Jefferson County would find the records available for their perusal at the Waurika Court Clerk Office. Request fee is the same as those of other County office. For older records, one can also check them out at the Oklahoma Historical Society (OHS) as well as with Southwest Oklahoma Genealogical Society (SOGS). Records for Jackson County are maintained at the Althus Court Clerk whereas those who want to obtain records from Cherokee County have to visit the Tahlequah County Clerk. Old records are also maintained by OHS. Fees and other charges vary as well and orders can be processed online, in person and by standard mail.

Other ways to obtain marriage records free and conveniently is with the use of commercial public research sites. These online sites allow an individual to search for birth, marriage, death and divorce records as well as some arrest or criminal records free. This is highly recommended as one can easily access the records without having to wait few days to receive them or go to the county clerk to request for copies.

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