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Is a Scam?

When it comes to binary options I’m not a big of them, I do trading but I’m more of a boring and dull trader I trade for dividends meaning I like to charge companies to hold onto to my money, I don’t like capital gains trading because it’s risky and I find binary options exciting but not very profitable. I wouldn’t call a scam, but i will say if you’re going to sign up for onetwotrade be sure to read their terms and conditions namely section “10. General Withdrawal Procedure” what bothers me about most of the binary option trading platforms is the fact that it’s easy for them to take your money but it’s not as easy to get your money or profits back.

From my perspective based on my reviews one two trade operated very similar to casino, and personally I’d rather go to Vegas rather than risk my money on binary options. I’m not calling a scam, it does seem legit however I personally wouldnt recommend them to anyone. Again I highly recommend people thinking of joining read the “10. General Withdrawal Procedure” section of their terms and conditions.

The other section people may want to read is “11. Withdrawal Conditions and Fees – Accounts with no Bonus” sure you can make 85% profits but don’t forget about the fees involved and make sure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into as of December 2013 the Terms of Service can be found by clicking their Terms of Service link at the bottom of their page. Good luck any questions you have should be directed to them

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