Best Online Dating Sites for men

I’ll keep this post as short as possible, I’ve tried almost every dating website online and from my personal experience below are the best dating websites that the internet has to offer. To be honest before the rise of Facebook, used to be my number one place to meet women. In this post I even give my top free online dating site which at the date I’m writing this should be a no brainer I also will show you my pics for the top mature and adult websites online and why I recommend going premium if you’re serious about online dating.

Best Free dating site

I won’t waste too much time on this one the best free online dating sit is POF otherwise known as plenty of fish. The problem you will encounter on site like this however is most of the women there are not that serious they may say they are but most or only there for their own ego’s. Another thing to keep in mind is that most women look at free sites as creepy because anyone and everyone can sign up, no credit card is required which means a person can lie about everything on a site like POF and there’s no real way to find out who they really are.

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Another up and coming free dating website that everybody is liking is I wish this site had more members because it’s great

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Best sexy singles dating website for the professional crowd

If you’re really serious about online dating I would have to say that  should be considered your top along with  eHarmony as a close second. The difference in the two is that the eHarmony sign up process is really long they ask you everything about yourself.’s sign up process is pretty long too but they make t a little bit easier to complete. A picture and a complete profile is recommended. Also don’t expect to meet Ms. Right, right away if you’re going to sign up for either give them both at least 6 months. The longer you stay on the better you get and the better your profiles will be.

This is not rocket science but most people give up on online dating way to early or after one rejection, try not to be one of those people women will decline to speak to you but in the end like I tell guys all the time men have the longer shelf life. It’s rare that us men find a women over 40 that looks hot so try to keep that in mind whenever some miserable women declines your request to chat with her.

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Best Adult Rated personals website online 18+

I will finish of this post with what I believe to be the best adult rated website online. I’m 30 years old and when I remember turning 25 and signing up for adult friend finder, to date one of the best experiences I’ve had meeting women online. I met cougars, I met freaks, I met party girls you name it I met them all. What makes adult friend finder different is the way they operate they’ve been online for years and continue to grow every year they have real members and it’s an experience I think every guy should try at least once.

Now on the flip side it’s not the best place to meet ‘The One’ if that’s what you’re looking for go with or eHarmony but if you’re looking for some fun aff is your best bet. One last thing if you’re going to sign up complete your profile the members on this site are all mature adult friend finder is not the place to be shy or reserved trust me on that one.

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Best Foreign Bride website online for men

I like to travel and when I do travel I like to meet hot women so you can only imagine how quickly I jumped on board to give this a try. Now at the end of the day for me I didn’t marry anyone, that being said however I did have a blast. Now I will be honest my online business gives me the freedom to travel whenever I want (for more information on starting an online business click here) so accepting this offer to meet hundreds of beautiful women was simple for me to do.

There’s only one major drawback with this and it’s the language barrier but apart from that I guarantee you that you will not find this many hot and open women in place ever. My trip to Columbia was unforgettable and I guarantee that when you see these women you will say the exact same thing.  I highly recommend that men over 40+ sign up for this service, in my world there’s absolutely no reason to settle for anything less than what you think you deserve you have to check this out highly recommended.

Best foreign dating website online