What a shocker my best friends email got hacked and this morning I received an email for his address stating the following:

Whats up
whats up.
I wanted to amount to something this completely exceeded my expectations now im the most respected guy around sorry I dont have time for more details
see you.

What really got me to click was the fact the link said because my friend is involved in music. Wow I must say this really hits home and makes me even more concerned about my privacy online. That’s why in case you we’re wondering I’m not a huge fan of Facebook. Facebook asked to many personal questions for me and if these hackers can hack government files what makes us think they’re not hacking Facebook. spam review

I suspect my friends email was hacked via Facebook because once I signed up to Facebook I started to get tons and tons of spam in my email account. Bottom line here is in my opinion don’t sign up for Any company that will spam your email to get you to sign up with them sounds like a scam. How websites like typically work is they want to get your personal information so that they can contact you over and over with their low quality Scam products. wants to get you to sign up o they can up-sell you

Online how things typically work is they scam products lure you in with a low or free price so that they can up-sell you. All they want is for you to hand over your credit card so that they can bombard you with offers. With them it’s a numbers game, the reason how I know this is because I’ve fallen victim to this in the past. What’s worse is that I couldn’t get my money back and I had to call my credit card company and report my credit card stolen just so they would stop taking money out of my credit card.

That’s the reason why I write these posts. I was so pi**ed off when that happened you couldn’t imagine plus at that time I was going through a tough financial period. In my opinion that’s what these low life’s feed off of. They know the economy is tough and they use that to manipulate people into buying things. I’m not here to tell you what to do with your money all I’m saying is that this online company hacked my friends account just so that they could sell me something if that doesn’t sound fraudulent to you I don’t know what will. I highly recommend staying away from this website.

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