Most people work hard from Monday to Friday, but when the weekend arrives they play even harder. For many 4X4 owners it is off to the country to test out their new Dodge diesel performance parts in their favorite toys. The purring of the engine is what they long for during the week and when the weekends come they cherish each little sound as the engines grumble at the mere touch of the pedal.

For men, this is the best sound in the world. They simply blossom when they are behind the wheel of their big 4X4s. The idea of taking their monster over some tough terrains is what drives them. They love to hear the wheels on the ground and see the dirt flying past them as they rush along the long gravel roads.

Nowadays it is pleasing to see that many folk who own such vehicles are joining clubs which have formed by other owners and enthusiasts. Such clubs are useful as the keep their members informed of various outings and other things like product promotions and advancements. They also like to arrange weekend where they host races for the men who are competitive. These weekends are arranged for the whole family to enjoy and while mum and dad are tackling the grueling 4X4 course, the kids are entertained with a variety of other activities.

These days it is great to see how many clubs are being formed for owners of such monsters. These are great as they are very informative with their newsletters. Many clubs arrange weekend getaways for the whole family, where the kids are entertained and the adults are challenged with hellish courses over which they need to race to win the coveted trophy. They invite the whole family for a weekend of fun and of course the great race to see who can be the first one over an obstacle course from hell. These weekends are great for the whole family and everyone is catered for. While the kids are entertained back at camp, the dads, and sometimes the moms take off to challenge the set course.

When it comes to the big day of the race, everyone lines up at the start line. The loud roaring of the engines is enough to wake the dead and each driver silently prays for first place. The flag goes up and they eagerly rev the motors.

As the flag goes up, the sound is phenomenal as each engine prepares to sprint off for the best position. When the flag drops the race is on. Each engine pushing out all it can. The challenges of the river beds and potholes which cannot be avoided are frightening to say the least but this is what creates the adrenalin on which the men are high on. Their skills are put to the test and the car is driven beyond its wildest dreams. Gravel flying past as they edge towards the end point.

The engines are put to punishment as they have to get up steep inclines and over some enormous rocks. The river flows fast and the driver has to be extra careful not to stall the rumbling engine. This is a test of the toughest and only the best will come through at the end.

After a grueling race you rush through the finish line and the trophy is yours. Your new Dodge diesel performance parts have paid off and you are the winner of the race. Your skills have been put to the test and you have proved that you and your monster are a team to be challenged.

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