The world we live in can be a dangerous place if we are not careful. Shady characters are walking among us everyday, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to differentiate them from the decent ones. Children are no longer safe in schools or in their own homes, not with predators and other mentally unstable individuals lurking about. Having that said, it would be a prudent idea to have the means to appropriately discern an individual’s susceptibility for criminal acts. It may not be perfect, but criminal background checks can give us that prospect. In the state of Oregon, the public is given the ability to access and obtain Oregon arrest records for various purposes, from record review to employment criminal background checks.

In the Beaver State, the Oregon State Police handles the Identification Services Section, which in turn operates the Computerized Criminal History unit, or CCH. The unit is the chief entity responsible for all criminal records for the state of Oregon. Arrest reports pertaining to felony and misdemeanor crimes, including sex and drug offenses, are maintained and disseminated by the aforementioned unit. A variety of fingerprint-supported arrest profiles are housed and maintained here as well. If you are in need of access to comprehensive criminal history profiles, the CCH unit is probably the office to contact.

Requests for complete criminal history profiles must go through a fingerprint-based search. This means that all applicants must present a fingerprint card containing a set of their own fingerprints along with the completed request form, both of which are included in the application packet available at the CCH unit. Fingerprints can be taken at any local police station or at the Computerized Criminal History unit office. The latter charges $20 per fingerprint card, while fingerprinting rates at police departments may vary between stations. The cost of ordering a comprehensive arrest report is $33 per search. Applications can be submitted by mail or in person.

The general public is permitted access to the state’s criminal reports in a limited format, as only those who wish to obtain their own criminal profile can obtain complete copies. Third party access to arrest reports is done through a name-based search, which costs $10 per name. A limited criminal report mainly consists of all arrests that have resulted in a conviction. When submitting a request for third party arrest reports, the subject must be notified beforehand by either the individual requesting the search or the CCH unit itself.

Besides the state’s information services and criminal record access programs, autonomous online record providers are also considered by many as a dependable source of criminal data. If you are interested in the local arrest records of the state of Oregon, or states criminal history profiles in general, these commercial record retrieval services can help you access the information you need. For a small one-time payment, you can do unlimited criminal record searches either on a nationwide basis or a more localized state-by-state format. You don’t have to conform to state policies or requirements. It’s practical, simple, and cost-efficient. You only have to enter the name and the state, that’s it. The perfect tool for people who conducts criminal background checks on almost a daily basis.

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