Review Is It a Scam?

Well one things for sure the Paid Like Mack testimonials aren’t real, some of the actors have been used before in other testimonial videos. Although to start is $1 that’s only the 14 Day Trial the actual membership price is $37. The reality is is a multi level marketing scheme. digital altitude or Aspire or whatever they’re calling themselves survives off new people signing up, if new people don’t sign up the pyramid crashes and a new pyramid has to be created. The owners of this pyramid scheme have done this before several times over and when their pyramid crashes they create a similar scheme with a new name.

In the interest of fairness if you like multi level marketing this company is pretty good however like every other multi level marketing scheme you have to know how to market and advertise. Because if you can’t market yourself effectively you won’t be able to get anyone to sign up under you. Aspire Business System is nothing more than a multi level marketing business. will dangle the idea of riches in your face and make it seem easy but pyramid or multi level marketing schemes are difficult primarily because it’s reliant not on customers for it’s survival but on it’s members. If you go to a Walmart for example a Walmart is dependent on you buying food, electronics, clothes etc. But Walmart is not reliant on you paying to sign up to be a Walmart private contractor working off of commissions. This is why most multi level marketing companies fail.

Anyway based on my reviews PaidLikeMack is not a scam, I would say yes it’s legit but not worth the time. If PaidLikeMack is making all the money he’s claiming to make chances are it’s because of suckers who join and eventually give up because let’s be realistic if you sign up under he’s guaranteed to get paid by you, while you’re forced to spend money advertising and marketing to build up PaidLikeMack’s downline. Be wise readers look at it for what it is and not what you think it should be.

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