The first schedule of the California bar exam 2014 will be sat in February and, if you have not started preparing for it, there is no time like the present. On the web you will find a large host of modulated tests and essays that replicate the kind of questions you will find on the actual exam. To ensure you are guaranteed of great result, follow the guidelines below to evaluate the knowledge and skills you have in readiness.

Keep in mind that all your 1L subjects will be tested in the examination and as such you should be careful to make good notes in your first year of study. In addition, it makes sense to take your MPRE in your second year of study or, at worst, at the earliest opportunity in your 3L year. You should also take such tests as those on Law 312 (Law Responsibility) as early as possible to leave the final months of your study for preparing for the bar exams.

Your quest to join the state bar may be hindered by untimely application for Moral Character certification. Remember that you must submit your request by the end of January 2014 at the latest. It is considered polite and fair to talk first to your law school faculty or librarian whom you would like to indicate as a referee in your application.

If you are taking the exams scheduled for February 2104, you application must be complete and submitted by November 1, 2013. By completing and sending your application in time, you will be guaranteed of a testing center of your choice as the place where you will take your exams. If you plan to have your laptop during the exam period, you must have it certified in time too.

To be assured of passing in the exam, think of studying for it as a full time occupation for the months leading up to the period. Put off all big plans such as moving house or travelling so that all your energy is spent on revision and testing your knowledge on sample exams. It is not worth your effort to waste time predict what might be on the papers or analyzing pass rates.

Whatever you do on the night before the exams, DO NOT stay up late trying to study. So long as you have prepared adequately, there is no need to panic or try to take it all on a single night. In fact, taking a nice evening meal and sleeping early is the best preparation you can give to your mind.

During the first day of the exams, remember to bring such items with you as your State Bar admission information, photo identification, pencils, erasers and other necessary stationery. If you will be using a laptop, make sure the battery is fully charged and bring along all the cords and other accessories as the case may be. Many candidates prefer to have their own watches with them in which case a silent analog or digital clock is advised.

If you are studying for the California bar exam 2014, there is no better to start final preparation as the present. Here are all the details you need to pass well.

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