PCTeckers.com SCAM!

Is PCTeckers.com a scam it sure looks like one, if you ended up on one of their webpages telling that your computer was at risk of viruses or something like that be advised that they’re only trying to scare you into purchasing their useless software a similar scam with the same  1-866-330-6665 phine number called Geek-care.com used to exist but they were shut down apparently they were from India and the thing to remember is that the practice of scaring people into purchasing something is actually banned in most developed countries however if the company is foreign owned like I believe PCTeckers.com to be this practice is not banned and that’s why Geek-care.com is shut down now and PCTeckers.com has replaced it (for now anyway)

By the way these PCTeckers.com scams are all over the internet they’re usually pop ups on websites that have pop ups, so depending on what site you visited PCTeckers.com may have been the pop up scaring you into calling the 1-866-330-6665 phine number number which is probably going to tell you to purchase their software, they might lie and tell you it has positive reviews and this and that. I wouldn’t trust them if I were you if you’re looking for legitimate software for free go to CNET they have all the best free softwares right there plus if you go to microsoft they also have free trial anti virus softwares. Don’t let a scam like PCTeckers.com scare you into buying anything.

Please leave your comments below. If you’re looking for legitimate free anti virus software go to:

CNET and type antivirus free download